FRIDAY morning



Brian got his own energy drink this year!


Here is the initial Fairplay list.  No numerical ratings yet (not enough votes)

By 1030, there are numbers


Beasty bar at the top for now

Had a nice meeting at Kosmos. Their big mainstream release is a cooking trivia game sponsored by a celebrity chef.  Too much German on the cards for me to try.

7 steps is a nice puzzle game and Jaeger und Spaher is the next Kosmos 2 player game.  According to my contacts, the company is definitely looking to revive the 2p line with regular releases. 

The other great thing at the meeting was the German Machi Koro box which is nice and small.  Part of me was considering getting an empty box to store my English cards in!

Time for my Huch meeting


Mit mist und tucke. Rolling dung marbles.  They also had a clever party game called 5 minutes which uses electronic timers.

Then off to observe the memory world championship


Seriously. It’s an annual thing.


Liga and I met up for some yummy fried potatoes,


Everybody is eating them


Ok. Lunch break is over. Time for more game exploration.

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4 Responses to FRIDAY morning

  1. jgeske says:

    Is 5 Minutes language dependent? More specifically, are card texts in English? I can’t tell for sure but maybe there are both German and English on the cards.

  2. Are there pics of the German Machi Koro anywhere? And is it with or without the expansion?

    • Dale Yu says:

      I have a copy in my bags somewhere, i will take pics as soon as I find it.
      It is a smaller box.
      Without the expansion.
      Cards are bigger.
      Coins are the same.

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