Friday morning breakfast time

Gotta get off to a good start.  Most important (and prepaid) meal of the day.


Lots of walking thus far. 9 to 10 miles each day. (about 6,000 –  7,500 nike fuel each day says my Fuelband)  I got a blister early Monday morning while we were walking around trying to keep awake and that has slowed me down a bit this week.

Hopefully the rain holds off.  I was uber thankful for my zippered Ikea bags yesterday as they kept my games dry. Skies currently look overcast. Boo!

Thus far. I have played more games than I usually do while here. Partly due to less preparation prior to leaving – there are a lot of games that I’m not overly familiar with.  Also, there’s a great group of guys that we’re hanging out with. Thanks to Brian, Luke H and Anthony R.

Spike and Spellcaster from R&R are both very good. We enjoyed abraca-what? From Korea. 7 Steps is an interesting puzzle-y game but you have to like the problem solving aspect as that’s what the game revolves around. The knizia Zombie game from Noris is very reminiscent of Heckmeck. Mangrovia may be a candidate for SdJ though it may be a touch too heavy for what the jury has selected in the past few years.  Villanex is a quirky card game, but what would you expect from Japan? May be the first game that takes longer to score a hand than to actually play it.

Lots of meetings today and then time to head home to test pack.  Right now, my first big bag is full but I still have most of the orange one to go,


A large portion of last night was spent separating the heavy boards and punchboards from the boxes. The empty boxes go into the big pieces of luggage while the heavy bits go in my carry on (which is usually not weighed)   Then a bit of box tetris trying to nest as many boxes as possible and get them all to fit in the bag,

Ok. 9am beckons. Time to head back to the Messe

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  1. So what’s that next to the croissant that is not the jam? And I won’t tell you what my father calls the things on the other plate (and he is allowed to because he is from there)

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