Saturday afternoon

Probably my last post from the Messe. A few more meetings this afternoon and then a last trip around the halls to see what is worthy of the last 2.7 lbs of weight that I have. 

Here is the stack from this morning, possibly the last games I get this year.


A little break for lunch – yummy yummy doner pizza. One of my favorite non blood pudding foods in Germany. 

A quick pack of the new games and my laundry and back to the Messe for a few last meetings. 

On the way over, I reached into my jeans pocket which always holds my super small change, generally 20 cent pieces or less. It looks like this. 


I like having a little bit of Euro change around to make sure I can pay for trains, etc… But a handful of change worth about a Euro is too heavy.  So into the local discount grocery store (Netto) and buy whatever comes closest to the total.  Oftentimes I leave with candy, but this year it’s a drink I’ve never seen before


I’ve never had banana nectar before. Maybe it’s awesome.  If I had had twelve cents more, I could have afforded a new Berry flavored Mezzo mix. (the original flavor is half Coke and half orange Fanta –  a surprisingly tasty combination)

The crowds seem to have picked up. Still not as Loony as a normal Saturday, but you definitely have to fight through the crowds now.  It’s crowded everywhere you go by 3pm.

Finally got a chance to look at Guardian Chronicles – which has been a long time in coming! It looks awesome, but sadly I cannot bring one home as my bags are already full! I will do one more round of test packing to see.

A final round at the Carrera booth to teach the games and sign a few.


This may be my last trip to the playfair booth. As of 1430


A pretty solid list for sure. I’ve got to admit that I’m pretty excited about the top three myself

Subdivision is officially sold out and here is Ted with the last 8 English Castles.  Hooray!

P. S.  I lied.  Headed back to the hotel room at 1700 for a quick penultimate pack and then time to get back to buy another game if it will fit.

P. P s. The banana drink tastes like a thin banana smoothie with extra extra sugar

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4 Responses to Saturday afternoon

  1. “the original flavor is half Coke and half orange Fanta – a surprisingly tasty combination” – Spietze is what that is called I believe, Daughter the Elder swears by the Coke & Fanta mix which we were introduced to in Germany.

  2. Banana juice? They have that in Germany? Right, I’m emigrating. I love that stuff.

  3. Witness exists in English? Must have…

    • Dale Yu says:

      Yes. Ystari has done an awesome job keeping us EN-limited gamers supplied with their games. I would have never thought they would do the work for the EN version of Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective either… Kudos to Cyril and friends for looking out for us!

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