Saturday morning part 2

Looking forward to 2015.


Hopefully coming from 2f next year.  I have seen it at the gathering. Friedemann reminded me at breakfast that I can talk about it in April


I’m the sun king!

We will have to see how the crowds are today.  The German train system is on strike today. Ouch.


My stand has your average family friendly 800 euro mongo electric car set.

I did make a short trip through hall 2, aka Das GenCon


Update on the crowds –  super low right now at 11am. I think the strike will keep people away.  Good for me as it is not crowded.  Bad for retailers. 

Here is the start of the BGG library


Right now, we’re looking at three pallets to be air shipped. The amount of work that goes on at the BGG booth is mind boggling. 

Non stop filming of demos. Selling promos. Collecting games for the library and then punching of bits to save shipping weight and then packing onto the pallets. And let’s not forget about GeekBuzz too.

Despite the low crowds, things are still selling out.  Two of the games that I have worked on, Subdivision and Castles of Mad King Ludwig are both down to their last 30.

The current Fairplay list (end of day Friday)


Probably time to head back for lunch and one last test pack. I might have room for two more games, but weight is getting super close after the morning acquisitions.

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