The Meeples Choice Award Voting Is Starting Up!

Just wanted to mention that we’re beginning the Meeples Choice Award process on the Spielfrieks user group.  Every year, we select the three games that we think are the best from the previous calendar year and we’ll be doing it again for 2014.  Right now, we’re coming up with a set of 200 games that we’ll be voting on.

This year, we’re finally moving away from the Yahoo Groups polling system and using SurveyMonkey instead.  This should result in a much smoother voting process, without all the quirks and limitations that Yahoo had imposed on us in the past.  I go into much more detail in the opening announcement in Spielfrieks.

If you’re interested in participating, come on over to Spielfrieks ( and check out the Meeples Choice postings.  If you’re not a member of Spielfrieks, you can join us by sending an email to spielfrieks-owner AT yahoogroups DOT com.  Thanks and I hope to see you there!

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