Dale Yu: Review of Broken Token’s Suburban Organizer

At the most recent Origins, I spent a bit of time at the Broken Token booth – this company specializes in laser cut custom inserts for some of the most popular board games.  We talked for a bit, and they were kind enough of offer me one of their organizers for Suburbia – a game that I hold quite dear (as, after all, I’m the developer of the game).


suburbia bagged


Here is a typical Suburbia box – as you can see, it’s filled with baggies galore.  We made a conscious decision when producing the game to not include a cardboard insert in this box.  The main reason for this was to allow space for all the planned expansions and other goodies.

However, it can be a bit of a bear to unpack the game each time you play.  Here’s where the Broken Token insert comes into play.  Below is the organizer in the packaging:



The insert is sitting on my kitchen scale, and you can see that it comes in at 622 grams – it’s made of light wood, but there’s definitely a heft associated with the game.  When you unwrap the bits, here’s what you get…


All of the pieces are about 95% cut through, each is held on by a tiny bit which snaps cleanly and quickly.  It only took a few minutes to detach all the pieces from their wooden sprues.


So here is the empty box that we started with…. It took about 10 minutes to put the organizer together –

broken token suburbia 1


Here it is in the box – there are customizable dividers that hold all the hexes in place

Broken token suburbia 3

Now filled up with the components of the base set.  There is plenty of room left for the pieces from the expansions (As well as the upcoming expansion!)

broken token suburbia 2

Neat and tidy!  While everything snapped together easily, I did end up using a small bit of Elmer’s Wood Glue to keep everything in place, especially the pull-out tray for the money.  Definitely adds weight to the box, but makes for a luxury display upon opening the box and a really nice way to keep everything organized and easily accessible.


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  1. ianthecool says:

    Cool. I like that there’s room for expansions.

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