Wednesday second post

More news from the press conference

Odyssey from ares did not makr the show. Only here in prototype form. 

The advent calendar is in a huge box. Which obviously you cannot break down to nest if you want to keep it as a calendar.


Dr knizia dressed up as Captain Black this year


Wits and wagers has a German version and a new game. 


Found a new  game that I am now trying to figure out if I have enough space for.


Sat down for my first full demo. Internal affairs from capstone hk. An interesting game of deduction with just enough chaos thrown it to keep it interesting.


Also got quick demos of play jeju and aqua park. They also look quite nice.

The annual zoch event was next. A fine spread of food and drink and a really nice chance to sit down and try some of the new games. The big news for me from the event is that Zoch will be moving their headquarters from the Munich area to Nuremberg in 2016 as it has been bought by Noris. It was also very nice that the speech was also simulcast in English.


And here is a basket of the pretzels that I wait all year for.


This is for my son. I get weisswurst for lunch!

Another interesting tidbit is that I learned that I have been eating my weisswurst like a barbarian – or at least like a non-Bavarian.

When you eat weisswurst, you’re not supposed to eat the casing. You cut it longways and then peel the tasty tasty meat out. . Who would have known?

And if you were a manly man bavarian, you’d not even need a knife and you’d suck the meat out of the end. Zuzeln is the verb that actually describes that meat sucking action.

When you search Zuzeln on Google.dr this is what you get.

Also, you will get derisive looks if you spread sweet mustard on your pretzel. It’s butter or nothing baby.

So one guess who is wearing these shoes.


That’s right, pizza and Slimer.
Hint. He’s got green hair.

Now I’m off to get my buzz on. A beer with sausages at Zoch followed by the beer barrel at Eggert, mead at the fragor booth and then more day days of wonder. Prost!

Oh, at the days of wonder booth, I did discover that Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the models for the new ticket to ride game.


Dinner tonight. Another doner pide. Hey, I know what I like. And fwiw, I didn’t have to order. Just showed up, got a smile from the nice guy behind the counter and doner pide was thrown in the oven.


Also got one of my favorite abd unique German beverages, apfel schorle. Half apple juice and half mineral water.

Time to start punching games to save weight!


Until your next appointment
The gaming doctor

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7 Responses to Wednesday second post

  1. Nice reports!
    What SIM card did you end up getting? I will be looking for one tomorrow

  2. Dale Yu says:

    I ended up buying an O2 loop card. It works but I later found out that I could have done better with a Congstar.

    But for the week, the 10€ o2 card meets my needs. I’ll just have to be gentle with the 250 mb limit.

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  4. Larry Rice says:

    Oh…Air Alliance – that’s the Japanese game this year that has me the most intrigued…

  5. jeffinberlin says:

    I played Play Jeju in the train back to Berlin with friends Peer Sylvester and Reiner, and it was a nice original take on the mancala mechanic (I liked how every turn, multiple players usually scored a tile, and how you could move the little figure strategically to entice the next player to make a move that would also benefit you). Recommended!

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