Friday report

Pretty tired today.  All the travel is catching up to me.  Or maybe it was too much Jaeger schnitzel.

Anyways, back to the halls for another day. Got in early and tested a few games. 

First up were a few at the Korea Pavilion.  H. I. D. E.  is an interesting deduction game with dice and Dungeon Busters is a quick bluffing game which was filled with laughs.

Next was a stop at Noris to try Buttons which uses a dice mechanic like Doodle City.


Cucina curiosa uses the take it easy mechanic – you are trying to connect to the lobsters while avoiding the dead fish. 


A quick trip thru one of the shops proved illuminating. I discovered a new game to try.


Strangely, this wasn’t on the initial Fairplay list. It’s still early, but the first list is now up.


Time to go play games!


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  1. The shoe thing is not on the list, because its not a boardgame :-)
    Its a kit were you design shoes… Dont know how that works, just reading the box :-)

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