Saturday. Last day on the fair

Just entered the fair for the last time this year.  Spent a lot of time packing last night.  Right now, I’m pretty much at capacity. So, of course, I have a list of four or five games still to get.  And then once I get them, I’ll have to figure out how to make both the weight and volume fit.

I’ve been a sherpa all week, walking around with a huge ikea bag on my back


The bag is about 2.5 cubic feet and we’ve had it weigh as much as 38 lbs. The Super thin straps really dig into your shoulders though. 

Here is the Saturday morning Fairplay list


Next.  Nothing like freshly fried donuts for breakfast


Lots of stuff is already sold out.  Looks like I’m not getting royal goods nor chronicler. But my bags are pretty full, so no matter.

The halls seem more full today than yesterday. The start time also seems to be moved up to 0945. Every day, the rush of folks seems to come earlier and earlier. 

Fellow OGer,  Eric Martin, is hard at work. Not only is he collecting new games, he’s also entering them straight into BGG with weights and pictures.


Now I’m going for my final run around the fair.

Maybe one more post before I leave


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3 Responses to Saturday. Last day on the fair

  1. brianfrahm says:

    As always, appreciate your coverage of Spiel. Thanks again!

  2. Jacob Lee says:

    I’m starting to feel bad for Eric that he’s working so hard at the fair. I hope he enjoys all that he’s doing because there’s nothing wrong with taking a break to just enjoy being there. We can always get our Spiel reports when everyone returns home. But I do appreciate that pic of the Fairplay poll. Nippon is on my wishlist!

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