Father in the Messe 2015: lowering the curtain

Another year has passed and we are going home. Caterina point me out that this was here 5th or 6th Essen’s edition … something not all seasoned gamers can be proud of. Of course I miss my travels into Haba or Schmidt booth but I can now play Russian Raylroads or Mombasa as much as I want. We have played again the game “try to reach Koln Airport” and this time we drove the “Broken Singlas” event. That cost us a trip to Wuppertal, time and some resources but it was much more better and cheaper than another Taxi’s trip. Si, I think, we won unless someone play against us the “Germanwing’s strike” or something worse.

Cate Special

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I don’t know what will happen next year because also Francesco is pawing the ground to be here. Who knows … before going to the rankings (we will post it in a separate session tomorrow) some important notes:

– BGG rule. Talking with designers and publishers (especially the smallest) I discovered that everyone know BGG but is not so common to meet people aware of anything else, including seasoned awards like International Gamers Awards, DSP, Counter Magazine or if Essen is actually in German or somewhere else. So, if you want to be a successful blogger try to get reputation on BGG … it works much more better than anything else.

– BGG rule. It looks like everyone is looking at Geekbuzz and no one is looking to fairplay list (it was there this year ?). I don’t know how much geekbuzz impact on sale but gamers are looking at it.

– BGG rule. Despite the organizers tried to kill the BGG’s visibility moving the booth in the no-where they are been able to collect a lot of votes and there were always people writing something on their PC.

– BGG rule. I think that the most craved-shirt of Essen was the BGG’s shirt. I’ll try to bribe Scott & Friends to have one with Liga on it, commending the great mix of 20 years of almost professional rubgy career and some experience in boardgames.

– BGG rule. No one can really understand what a teenager is thinking so it is better, as father, spend time looking boardgame’s stats on the net. Here is some of the picture Caterina’s took during Essen days while my brain was just thinking about games, games and games. Sometimes I think she will bring me in Essen like someone is taking the dogs out for physical needs.







This last one is taken just outside the Messe. I wonder how many gamers attending it realized that just few meters outside there are deers … actually I wonder how many gamers realize that there is something outside until the painful announcement “in few minutes the halls are closing”.


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  2. brianfrahm says:

    Liga – always enjoy your coverage, especially as another father of a “gaming daughter”. I, for one, put value in the Fairplay scouting – maybe it is my bias towards what I see historically on it, as well as my penchant for the “gamer games”…

  3. The FairPlay scores are a bit hit or miss, but they are MUCH more helpful than the BGG “buzz” list at the show.

  4. I also like FairPlay lists as i like and read orher blog and magazines but what I want to say is that nowadays, expecially for people non used to be in the gaming world from a long Time, everything outside BGG is almost unknown.

    • huzonfirst says:

      I agree with Liga’s point about the dominance of BGG in the hobby today. But like Brian and Richard, I find the FairPlay lists do a much better job of predicting what the highlights of each fair will be for me. They’re always the first thing I check out. There also seems to be fewer concerns about a location bias with them.

  5. Fraser says:

    A visit to Wuppertal? Not too many people do that, that’s where we were living during our big European holiday back in 2009. Both our daughters would like to go back to Essen, but it is such a long and expensive way from Australia! Daughter the Elder was working on the Lookout Stand back in Essen 2009, Daughter the Younger could do that now as well :-)

  6. g2-f2c9d433e20f2410276a131c7bc9a0e4 says:

    We were going to head out to the park on our Daddy Daughter day at Spiel, but she ran out of energy before we could…. A shame I’m really curious about what’s out there!

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