Castles of Mad King Ludwig is Games Magazine’s Game of the Year

Last year, Games Magazine did not do their Games 100, their annual feature in which they honored their favorite games of the year.  It appeared that the tradition was over, but for now, at least, we have a replacement.  The December issue included a Game of the Year selection, together with picks in four other categories.  It ain’t 100 games, but it’s still nice to see Games back in the game.

Their Game of the Year for 2015 is Castles of Mad King Ludwig, designed and developed, as it turns out, by OGers Ted Alspach and Dale Yu, respectively.  The runner-up is Sheriff of Nottingham, the latest incarnation of 2006’s Hart an der Grenze.  Honorable mentions go to Artifacts, Inc. and The Ancient World, both designed by Ryan Laukat.

In the four categories, the issue listed a winner, runner-up, and, rather unusually, an upcoming game.  I assume the latter was included because of publishing delays, since most of these titles have already been released.

Here are all the games cited in the December issue.  Congratulations to all the winners, particularly to Ted and Dale!

Traditional Game of the Year:  Castles of Mad King Ludwig
Runner-up:  Sheriff of Nottingham
Honorable Mention:  Artifacts, Inc.
Honorable Mention:  The Ancient World

Card Game of the Year:  Sushi Go!
Runner-up:  Flip City
Upcoming:  Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn

Family Game of the Year:  Sheriff of Nottingham
Runner-up:  Quilt Show
Upcoming:  The Village Crone

Strategy Game of the Year:  Extra! Extra!
Runner-up:  New York 1901
Upcoming:  Scythe

Puzzle/Abstract Game of the Year:  Gravity Maze
Runner-up:  Attila
Upcoming:  Onitama

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