Monday morning at the gathering

Well, first, it’s Sunday night finished…

We kept playing new games from Ken Hill’s game pile.


Wood may not be the right material for the tiles as they are different


You start with 17. Facedown and 5 face up that you get to choose the location.  Then draw a facedown tile and put it in the chosen place.  Winner is the player to have a face up line of 22 in ascending order.

It’s an interesting take on RackO. But since I own racko, no need for this.

The final game for the night is Legends from Ravensburger



You tour the world in Jenseits von Theben timing to collect icons on cards on a board that feels like Around the world in 80 days

You play the icons in a region on the space or you take a card drawing/drafting action that is specific to the space. Scoring happens occasionally in some mystical manner. Well, not really mystical, but perhaps I tried to learn the game too late.

Turn order happens by being furthest back on the time track. Scoring happens at each 25, 45, 60, and 75.

That’s enough for me as it’s 0130.

The final list of Sunday games is

2f card game x 2

Animals on Board



Principati (prototype)

Codenames pictures


Xenon profiteer


Animals on Board

Gluck auf das grosse kartenspiel




Monday morning was mostly cleaning up. Have to make sure that all of my games are heading home with me.  Once that was done, there just wasn’t enough time to get another game in – so I guess that’s it for the 2016 Edition of the Gathering of Friends for me.  But – there are about a dozen of the other OG writers there, most of them until next Sunday, so we should have more to report on/write about in the weeks to come.

Until your next appointment

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  1. Fraser says:

    Thanks Dale, I have enjoyed your posts.

  2. I second that – thank you for covering the action.

  3. Thanks for the review (s). Legends looks great. I really like the mechanic of furthest player back get to take a turn (similar to tokaido?)

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