gencon mini report 

Words and descriptions when I get home. First trip back to the car.  My back is flared up so I’m taking smaller, more frequent loads.  

The down side is that I had to park about a mile away so it’s a thirty minute round trip 

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4 Responses to gencon mini report 

  1. sorry to hear about back- put everything on wheels…..- The Board Game Movie team!

  2. I hope you get more out of Mystic Vale than I did. Played it once and felt that that was (unfortunately) enough.

  3. Looking forward to hear about Flick an up – Black Hawk Down.

    (Yes, thats not whats on the box, just my mind freestyling ;-)

  4. Fraser says:

    I reckon I could fit 16 sets of our Schotten Totten in your Shotten Totten box. Box bloat is becoming a serious thing these days!

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