Potion Explosion is the Italian Game of the Year

pic2630294_mdOn Sunday 17th September the jury of the Gioco dell’Anno (Game of the Year) chose Potions Explosions as game of the year 2016. The game was devised by Stefano Castelli,
Andrea Crespi and Lorenzo Silva and published by Horrible Games.

Potions Explosions is a game for 2 to 4 apprentice magicians. The focus of the game is the holder for picking up and storing the marbles which represent the ingredients of the potions.

The similarity of the design of the game to recently released game apps will also appeal
to novice gamers.
The broad appeal of the marbles and illustrations disguise a challenging and complex
game strategy. As the player gains points by completing his/her potions, he/she interact
ever more closely with the other players.
The game is quite short, but victory remains uncertain right up to the last moment.

The other finalists in the competition of Gioco dell’Anno 2016 were 7 Wonders Duel,
Celestia, Codenames and New York 1901.

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