The press show. Weds at Essen 

Made it to the press show. 

Right as you walk in, the Mattel booth is there with a full on German sailor choir 

The brettspiel advent calendar in two sizes this year. Same price I think 

7W the duel with a nice setup

Here is Moritz with his new game, First Class. Also has the new star wars carc expansion. Kylo Ren is the new character. 

Mistakos. A game about plastic chair stacking from Trefl. 

Dice stars from Matagot.  A nice dice rolling game where you can choose dice for their color or value.  Fill out a grid on the scoresheet. 

My annual picture with Dr Knizia

Forgot to mention this morning that I was given the very first Great Western Trail off the first pallet! 

Noch mal looks to be the small Schmidt game that I’m bringing home. Roll dice, choose a pair, race to finish columns or colors.  More points for winning 

Herr Menzel with the new Andor

More later… Until your next appointment 

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  1. Will Colton (DaGreenMachine) says:

    Are all of these being released at Essen or are they just all at the convention in various levels of their release cycle?
    Specifically, is First Class being released?

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