Father in the Messe 2016: Day 0

This is the usual travel day. Car from Modena to Bologna than an airplane from Bologna to Koln, a train from Koln to Essen and finally the metro to the Jung Hotel … I was wondering how to insert a boat trip in the middle to make the travel complete and score more points.

This year everything goes fine and we reach the hotel safe. During the travel just some boardgame on the ipad: Small World and Ticket to Ride.

Before going to bed some last digital game for the kids, before the usual trip in the boardgames’ kingdom.


Before going deep in the Messe, tomorrow, I would like to have a look of the games we loved in the last editions and how much we are still interested in this title … are we choosing our best every year wisely or we are victims of the typical Messe’s Hype ?

2014 lists


Splendor: still played. We like!
Imperialism: road to domination. We are not playing it anymore, but we liked.
Dark Tales: still played. We like!
Sun Tzu: ???
Fields of Arle: we like but we still have to play it as much as we want
Versailles: we like but we are not playing it
Hyperborea: I like and I still play.
Imperial Settlers: I like and I still play.
Five Tribes: I like and I still play.
GodZ: I like but I’m not playing it anymore.
McJohny’s: ???

2013 lists


Russian Rairoads: still played and liked!
Le Fantome de l’opera: ???
Sultaniya: ???
Fun farm: still played and liked!
Garden dice: still played and liked!
WildCatters: still to play at home!
Coal Baron: I still want to buy
Dice Run: ???

2012 lists


Courtier: played few times but liked.
Homesteaders: ???
Fairy Land: played a lot in the past
Potion-Making: played a lot in the past
Desperados: ???
Escape: played a lot in the past
Aztlan: played in the past
Urbania: ???
Love Letter: still played
Ark & Noah: played in the past
Sheepland: still played
Seasons: still played
Libertalia: played in the past
Shadows over Camelot the Card Game: not played anymore
Card City: not played anymore

2011 lists are not available


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