Wednesday night at Essen 

Back in the hotel room. Eating my new favorite Haribo variety. 

My brother was able to snag one of the very first copies of Las Vegas the card game – which I think is not quite ready for sale. 

This uses a dice deck instead of real dice. Draw 5, play one or two (or even more if they are all the same) . Discard all unused dice cards. Draw 5 new cards for next go. Round goes until each player has 8 or more dice cards on the table. Once you grt to 8+,you simply stop playing.  Scoring works like Vegas.  Four rounds total. Two variants are included in the box, but we didn’t play them.  

Next up, a Kramer and Kiesling game that I wasn’t expecting: Memory the board game. 

Set the board up like memory. Flip over two tiles. If you make a match go again.  You can also choose to return tiles to the board to remake the map.  Each time you do, you get victory points. However, the vp tiles are limited. Also, you have to match the color of the tiles to the terrain on the board. Once all the tiles are collected, each player has one more time to score on board.  Add up the points. 

Back to things from the fair.and food 

Lookout has Agricola and Isle of Spryte to drink! There is probably even some beer at the stand. 

Food and drink at the Zoch party. Apparently there is a right way to eat Weisswurst. You must peel the meat out of the casing. If you don’t, you’re clearly not a Bavarian. 

We did play a game of Kilt Castle there – a very enjoyable family area control game. 

I liked this one a lot. Tactical playing with the chance to really stick it to someone if the cards allow.  

Me ajd the famous Mr Leacock. He has four new games at the show. 

Noris had a game about putting poop on your head. I didn’t look further. 

Suspicious noises emanating from the crate. I wonder if there is really a sheep within 

Dinner time at Draco Imbiss. The double schnitzel plate.  Jager schnitzel on the left. Champignon schnitzel on the right. Fries are stuck in the middle with you. 

Games for the day. 

Until your next appointment 

The gaming doctor 

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  1. But doesn’t having a beverage called Agri-cola encourage people to pronounce the game the “wrong” way? The horror.

  2. xitoliv says:

    Hop le J’Ton!

    Speaking of Kilt Castle and designers with several games out at this Spiel, just one copy of “Quibbit!” short of the Gunter Burkhardt hat trick.

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