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Modena, once again, will be the Italian Gamers Capital. The 31st of March will start the ninth edition of Play – The Games Festival, the greatest games event in Italy with more than 80 exhibitors and more than 2000 tables for games.From 31st of March in the City and 1st and 2nd of April in ModenaFiere (Modena Exhbitors Hall) with more than 22000 square meters dedicate to games!

The official program closed yesterday with more than 400 events/tournaments ranging from Boardgames to Role Play Games passing from Miniatures, Collectable Card Games and Live Games.


All the greatest Italian publishers, Asmodee/Asterion, Cranio Creations, dV Giochi, Game Trade, Ghenos Games, Magic Store, Raven Distribution, Red Glove and  Uplay Edizioni will attending the event, presenting more than 50 new releases. The full list of exhibitors include also many foreign publishers.

Here a list, uptaded daily, of boardgames and rpg games that will presented at Play – The Games Festival

The highlights of this edition with several interesting news that come up beside the consolidated area



Play Hot List, a selection of the “hot” new games presented by publishers in a big area managed by Club TreEmme.

Ludoteca, a games library managed by La Tana di Goblin. Last year served more than a game every minute in the two day of the Festival

New for this edition is the Hardcore Gaming Room, a room dedicated to person willing to play long-time games or try the just acquired ones in a relaxed place.

The RPG Area is growing year after year with 6 tournaments and many events, including the greatest official D&D Epics

Independence Play is an area, with more than 80 tables, dedicated to new designers, self-publishers and small publishers.

During the Festival the City of Modena will host many collateral events, mostly related to LARP. Play Larp is the Italian greatest Italian appointment for Larpers and the Play Village is hosted one of the best Modena’s Plaza, in the center of the town.


Many guests are enriching the offer of Play, starting from Chris Crawford, The Splotters and Emerson Matsuuchi, with an official first print-run of his Century: Spice Road


Modena is a quite easy to reach city in the north of Italy. The well served Bologna’s airport is just 35 km away from Play – The Games Festival.

Here a video of the last year edition. All the info in or

Good Play







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