News from setup day #1 – Tuesday 

So, walking around the empty halls today. Partly an attempt to stay awake. Partly because it’s a good chance to see some old friendsa few news tidbits.

Japon brand is in a bit of a panic. Their games are currently caught up in customs. Hopefully a positive update tomorrow.  They are sadly not 

Also talked to the Eggertspiele guys. They seem to be happy with the transition to Plan B. Looks like they will be busy doing development. 

Managed to get onto the live stream for a bit to test out the settings. We managed to get a score of 17 on the Game Extreme. Eric probably would have won with a better partner. 

And excitingly, I tweeted my first thing in about five years. 

More tomorrow. Most people were busy setting up and I didn’t want to interrupt them. 

Until your next appointment 

The gaming doctor 

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  1. Dale – your Essen reports are always among my favorites this time of year. Enjoy your Doner Pizza and spiral potatoes. One of these years I will come to try them myself.

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