Monday setup in Essen

So I arrived in Essen this morning, and as I could not get into my hotel room until 3pm, I walked around. Saw the city. Got a new German SIM card so I can post this piece, ate something duck for lunch.

Then I headed into the halls to see what was going on.

Essentially, not much other than carpentry.

This year, this entrance is being reserved for only online tickets. This is the door that leads into hall 3. The other main gate, which leads into hall 1, will be for paid tickets.

So far, no Suburbia collectors edition in sight

At funforge they are still wallpapering the booth with the logo

This is a new Asmodee play area that takes up the back 10-15% of hall 1

New time stories

Newer time stories

I was surprised at the infrastructure of some booths. These guys were honestly framing up an entire booth. The lumber pile for this was huge. It is hard to believe that this work goes into a 4 day exhibit.

My friend Henning has a lot of boxes to put away tomorrow. :) but at least there will be enough 2F games for sale

And we will not go hungry

I had never heard of this company

I thought that the Iran guys weren’t going to make it. But their booth art is here.

I don’t know much about the games, but I do like the art from DEVIR

KLASK has a van and a tower.

Ludicreations has a container where you can play steal this game live. Maybe there will be Nutella inside as well

That’s it from this first day. Time to eat more meat and then read to bed early so I can wander the halls tomorrow.

Until your next appointment

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  3. yelmelnobrainer says:

    Regarding the Iranian contingent, Dorehami is a dual American-Iranian citizen from what I understand, so the visa came easily. He will represent the other folks by stocking their games. Incredible teamwork in the face of adversity.

  4. Jacob Lee says:

    I love these articles! It makes me feel like I’m there. “MW Designs”? That’s Martin Wallace, right?

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