Publisher Perspectives on 2020: An Interview with Ally Gold of Bezier Games

A Note from The Opinionated Gamers: In lieu of our normal convention coverage, we’re doing publisher interviews about upcoming releases, asking their thoughts on the events of 2020 and other topics. Today’s interviewee is Ally Gold of Bezier Games. Ally is the Marketing Manager at Bezier Games.

You just announced a new version of Ultimate Werewolf!  So I have to ask about that… can you give us any details about what’s coming to the Kickstarter this August?

Ultimate Werewolf Extreme is a way to experience Werewolf like never before. There is all new artwork, new roles, new rules, and even new technology! There’s a brand new moderator app to guide your way with ease through games, by providing customized role sets, automated entry of players, their names, and their roles, and then wraps it up by walking you through the entire game, including victory conditions. The Kickstarter features two different bundles that will add even more – awesome new bonus roles and an all pro rules and roles set for those who are already masters of the game! There will also be travel deck boxes, card sleeves, polarized sleeve inserts, an optional large tarot-size deck, and more! 

It is sad that we won’t get to meet at Gen Con or Essen this year, which is normally how I notice upcoming product lines.  What games does Bezier have coming out this year?  I’m really looking forward to Maglev Metro (which I’ve played and loved!). What are the release timelines?  

Silver Coin just released last month, which is the most strategic in the series so far. Whistle Mountain, a tile & worker placement game designed by Scott Caputo and Luke Laurie was originally going to be released at Gen Con; we are shooting to have this in stores by September. Maglev Metro, our exceptional new train game of the future will be hitting stores in November in time for the holiday season. This title is a pickup & deliver, tile placement, and engine building game; we feel it is extremely unique due to the translucent tiles and double-sided, recessed gameboard, making it quite different from any train game you have played in the past. 

Without the opportunity to connect at conventions, how are you reaching out to gamers over the next few months?  What is the best way for them to keep up with the new games coming out?  

We have been posting content regularly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube – following us on these will keep you in the loop with all the new stuff coming out and give you access to cool previews. We have been running online games of Ultimate Werewolf through our private Facebook Ultimate Werewolf group that have been a lot of fun…we’ll be previewing some of the new roles there over the summer!

For the aspiring game designers, are you still accepting submissions, and how can they get in touch?

Our pipeline for the next two years is pretty full so if we did take interest, it would be projected to release quite a ways out. All submissions can be sent to

Do you think things will mostly return to normal in 2021 (or whenever the dust settles), or do you see any big changes to how we play and buy games?  

We believe online simulators for tabletop games will remain popular after this time of social distancing and people who may not have tried them before have now given them a chance. However, the majority gamers are eager to get back to their tables and we think things will go back to normal mostly. 

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