Osaka/Tokyo Spring Game Market Previews Part 1

Osaka/Tokyo Game Market Previews from Mandy aka MissMerc and Lorna

Spring is here and one of my favorite times of year for many reasons but 2 of the best for board gamers are the Osaka and Tokyo Spring Game Markets. More information about the markets and games that will presented there can be found here:

I recently had the honor of joining my good friend Mandy for some demos.

Jurata!! (ジュラッタ!!)

Image from the Tokyo Demo Day event – by Kodansha & Kickstarter Japan

Mandy : 

Mousou Games is a company based in Tokyo.  Their team has created several games that have a simple design yet strategic feel.  Their games are packaged in easy to carry compact boxes.  Their other titles include: 

  • Double Nine 
  • Seven Vice
  • Balloon game
  • Spot Shot

This year they will be attending the Osaka Game Market (in March) as well as the Tokyo Game Market (in April).

Mousou Games introduces their game series at the Game Demo Day in Tokyo

Players need to work in 2 teams and communicate to decide which cards to flip over to accomplish the tasks.  

There are 18 cards in the deck, with 12 missions.  For the setup place all the cards in a grid formation with some space between each card so they can be easily picked up.  Setup the Goal Cards, and decide which team will go first.

The first team to play will close their eyes, while the 2nd team rearranges the cards.  The first team then opens their eyes.  Play will go clockwise.  On a player’s turn they should turn over one dinosaur card. It is useful to discuss which dinosaurs they should turn over.  Since there are a multitude of combinations with the cards, your team’s eyes and memory will be very useful.

Every time a player flips a card their Team’s number of Attempts goes up.  Once they have flipped all the cards to match the pattern on the Goal Card, the team shouts “Jurata!!” together, and their turn ends.  Calculate their number of Attempts.  Then switch teams – with the first team now rearranging the cards will the 2nd team close their eyes.  Then it’s the 2nd team’s turn to play.

A Goal Card’s task could be to: find 8 Stegosaurus cards, 5 Tyrannosaurus Rexes, 5 Triceratops.

Playing the game with 8 people in 2 teams

Jurata is a beautiful and colorful edition to the Mousou Games collection.  I love the look of the dinosaur cards.  After playing this game on demo day, I think this game is a great gateway game, and family game.  It’s suitable for children also.  As an ex-teacher games like this appeal to me because it’s something that can be easily taught but can be played in a variety of settings. People who like Codenames or team challenge games will enjoy this also. I think that this game lends way to group discussion as well as lots of fun jabs from the other team who can try to trick you and confuse your memory.  Let’s try Jurata!


Jurata!! (ジュラッタ!!) from H1R0 of Mousou Games is a pattern based game with a memory component. It can be played solo, multiplayer or with teams. There will also be online availability. The game consists of dinosaur cards in 3 colors/types of dinosaurs, which are double sided (the opposite side being either the same color or one of the other two colors). The goal of the game is to get the card colors face up that will match the goal.

We tried a team game. Using a grid of 3×6,one side arranges the cards randomly while the other side closes their eyes. The goal is to flip cards as needed. Of course the fun is in the fact that as you flip cards, colors you don’t want may now be visible thwarting your plans. Eventually you will manage to meet the goal card. When this happens everyone yells Jurata! The side that accomplishes this in the fewest turns scores.

I think Jurata!! would make a nice family game especially if there were dinosaurs fans. It also is a fun party game.

The Mousou Games team will be at:

Osaka Game Market (3/28) at booth P11

Tokyo Game Market (4/10 – 4/11) at booth コ01

Koma NoSe Techno (コマノセテクノ) from Mr. Prae from –  Natriumlamp Games

Pronounced Koma-no-se-techno. (not Koma nose…) The title is a play on words. ‘Koma’ means spinning top in Japanese, it also means “game token” so the name is quite fitting for this game.  ‘No se techno’ means ‘play it technically.’

Mr Prae demonstrating his game

Mandy: Mr Prae is following the traditions of the Tokyo Game Market by hand crafting his games.  This game is also hand crafted, and took him a long time to assemble. But creating something by hand is really inspiring.   

There was one traditional value that was held at the Game Market. You can put a game idea in a ziplock and sell it. That is what makes the game market amazing.   So in each game he would try and feature the Ziplock bag. In previous games he couldn’t feature the ziplock, but for Koma no se Techno he will be using the Ziplock bag..

Mr Prae wanted to participate in the Game Market.  He loved the atmosphere and how creative everyone was.  So each time he wanted to make a new game just so he could join the Game Market event.  He bases his games on something fun, but it has to be tactile.  His previous games all have a tactile aspect to it.  A game with leather components, wooden components, jewelry components, and macarons: These are some of his previous designs:

  • Masala Magic – features a wooden box
  • Rondel Rummy – features jewel beads players have to place on a wire
  • Macaryoshka – features beautiful macarons of various sizes

For the Tokyo Game Market he will only be making 200 copies of this game.  Often his games get sold out.

Koma no se Techno is a fun spinning top game.  People might find that placing the tokens in the center the easiest but if you are too slow in placing your tokens that round may end.  Koma (tops) are really popular in Japan. Children and adults grow up playing with these.  I see them often at schools, and the Japanese Koma (tops) can be found everywhere.  They are very nostalgic to Japan. This game is fun for all ages.  If you like tumbling dice, or dexterity type games this is something you might like. It’s a game I think I can play with my husband…he doesn’t play any board game except for Othello, but he does like to play the Japanese spinning tops and Japanese kendama.

Playing Koma no se Techno from the Tokyo Demo Day event 

Lorna: Since this was a virtual meeting we weren’t able to play the game but Mr. Prae demonstrated Koma NoSe Techno for us. It looks like a fun dexterity game. The game plays 1-4. Players each have a separate color of token to try and drop onto the spinning top. Depending on the location of the token when the spinning stops, they will earn points. If the token lands upside down or if the token falls off the spinning top no points are earned. 

I think it’s really neat that Mr Prae will be selling this game in baggies for a really great price.

Koma NoSe Techno will be at the Tokyo Game Market (4/10 – 4/11) at booth : カ12

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