Hot Games Haiku With Answers

Opinionated Gamers have opinions about the best games of 2020 that they have played so far.  In addition, they have opinions about poetry, in particular, haiku. We bring you some of our favorite games of 2020 & 2021 in haiku form – this time with answers!

Beautiful atlas

Adventures in strange new lands


(Ans: Sleeping Gods)

Head to the war god

Plant and research with card play

heat and green brings life

(Ans: Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition)

Scientific trees

Lead to exploration of

The final frontier.

(Ans: Beyond the Sun)

Unlike first two times,

We go back in time.  Facing

Spies, not viruses.

(Ans: Pandemic Legacy 0)

Card order matters,

Everything is shared, and the

Crocodiles bring dough.

(Ans: Faiyum)

Seek factions favor,

Battle for supremacy,

To control the Spice. 

(Ans: Dune Imperium)

Draw card, tile to board

Knizia Legacy

Played twenty-four times

(Ans: My City)

An old silent pond

A frog jumps into the pond—

Splash! Silence again. (Basho)

(Ans: Cosmic Frog)

Clear the crocodiles.

Build cities in swampy land.

Pharaoh is happy.

(Ans: Faiyum)

Good technology

Solves all the world’s problems

(And even off-world)

(Ans: Pax Transhumanity)

Trees are not for shade,

But for ever-growing tech.

Colonize planets!

(Ans: Beyond the Sun)

Is this card red or

Is it blue, yellow, or green?

We will find out soon!

(Ans: Cat in the Box)

Over the wintry

Forest, winds howl in rage

With no leaves to blow. (Soseki)

(Ans: Winter Kingdom)


Does not care of human costs.

Extract and sell death.

(Ans: The Cost)


At first barbarian then

Empire progresses

(Ans: Imperium Classics/Legends)

Trapper keeper of

Monsters and strange lands that pass 

Slowly hand to hand

(Ans: Carnival of Monsters)

Use nitrous oxide

Fisticuffs atop a car

Family saves the world

(Ans: Fast & Furious)

Seeking treasure now

Narrowing options quickly

Aha, found them both

(Ans: Loot of Lima)

Roll the dice and draft

Choose your passengers with care

Draw, avoid traffic

(Ans: Let’s Make a Bus Route: the Dice Game)

A twisted classic

Ego versus Id in tricks

Powerful potions

(Ans: Jekyll & Hyde)

BONUS Haiku accidentally cut from Wednesday:

Bricks, sheep, and barley

Community center moves

We give thanks to Uwe

(Ans: Hallertau)

Older Games Below

Your inner viking

Hunting fishing and raiding

Let the banquet start

(Ans: Feast for Odin)

Choose your favored map

Select your stations carefully

Decide to fuel wisely

(Ans: Power Grid)

Welcome guests, come on in!

Oh, don’t mind that gravedigger.

Enjoy your stay, even if brief,

(Ans: Bloody Inn)

An obscure word – three

What twisted mind thinks that makes sense?

A point for the other team

(Ans: Code Names)

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