Gathering of Friends Friday post

Now one full day is complete. Played lots of games today, ate some things, and now I am just trying to make a quick recap of what happened today.

As I’m heading into the game room soon, not much time for writing. I think I will just make a note of a few things that struck me from Friday, and then next week, when I am home, I will talk a little bit more in-depth about some of the new games that I encountered this week.

I was also glad to get a chance to finally wear my custom OG jersey

The game list for today

Ark nova
Savannah Park
Rolling realms
Space base
Potato man
Team play
Turing machine
Gossip and the city
Queue long long line in hell
Nana x 2
Chicken domino
Word radar tantango

I really tried hard to find a Japanese mini card game about zoology, but admittedly after Habitats, Ark Nova and Savannah Park – maybe that’s enough of animals for one day. Definitely more on this later, but I was glad to get a 3P game of Ark Nova finished in less than 2 hours, and I did get in my game with Alan Moon for the decade.

As usual, Tichu was in full force. At least two to three games at any times. I even got a game in myself – played with a deck in a cool custom 3D printed box and deck toppers. Of course, like usual, I lost. My partner made two Tichus, and well, I participated.

On the food frontier, my first taste of Frankie’s – the local donut shop that makes my favorite Cherry cake donut. Someone had graciously brought in three dozen to share, and I was happy to avail myself of the generosity of the mystery donor (though I’m guessing it’s Frank DiLorenzo – who has a known affinity for other Franks)

The other games that caught my eye today were Turing Machine from Scorpion Masque – an interesting deduction game with some pretty snazzy bits

The other game was nana, a wonderful memory game from Japan that continues to please.

OK, back to the game room. More tomorrow (hopefully)

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