Gen Con 2023 – Dumb Ways to Die

I’m a huge fan of the Australian Metro simply because of their excellent safety campaign based around a video showing a list of Dumb Ways to Die. The cartoon gained a cult following which resulted in (two I think) mobile games and more. Spin Master Games has somehow acquired the rights and created a quick and silly take-that card game simply entitled Dumb Ways to Die, playable by 2 to 5 players.

Dumb Ways to Die: The Card Game

Players start with a hand of cards and a stack in the middle of the table. A die is rolled and a player gets to do that many actions, either play or draw a card. Cards do all the typical crazy things like take others’ cards, look at your opponent’s hand, plus they can play accidents on another player. This may cause that player to “die” unless they have the counter to that specific accident type.

In some games, drawing cards is a good thing, but the deck contains nine “you die” cards which instantly kill you when drawn. Thankfully, every player gets three lives in the game before they are eliminated. There are two Psycho cards (re: watch the video ad) which instantly cause all players to roll the die, dying if they don’t roll a 1.

Fans of the ad/cartoon will appreciate the colorful art. Of note are all the “die” cards which contain lenticular animations of particularly nasty (and cute?) ways to die…

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