Gen Con 2023 – Snap Ships Tactics

What do you do if you have a line of spaceships with interchangeable parts and a large fan base? Turn it into a boardgame via Kickstarter, and that’s just what Snap Ships LLC has done. Snap Ships Tactics takes the spaceships (and their parts) from their toy line and creates a tactical level space combat game.

The Starter box comes with everything needed to play a 1 on 1 spaceship battle. There are 100s of spaceship parts, making sure no two ships will be the same. Each main part also comes with an associated action card, placed in a player’s control area at the start of the game. A set of dice, some random space terrain (adding to defense, boosting speed,etc..), as well as health and action markers, and a turning tool.

The base game is a 1 on 1 combat played in a 3’x3’ play area. Each player has their ship, and are given cards representing the parts build into their ships. These cards are then placed into a control panel, along with a base panel to represent the innate capabilities of the ship. Players activate parts of the control panel with energy cubes to trigger movement, combat, or other options.

Attacking involves rolling the orange dice to determine hits, with a critical hit damaging one of a ships “slots”, requiring it to be repaired before it can be used again. Reusing ship systems slowly builds up heat, which must be managed and/or removed to before a specific system can be used again. One of the pieces of terrain in the game can improve a ship’s cooling rate while a ship stays within it.

Movement uses a special movement dial that is supposed to cover all possible moves. One places the round base of the ship against the tool and then rotate, slide, or move along the outside of the tool.

A fun addition is the inclusion of a set of AI cards which can allow players to play solo or a cooperative battle vs an AI. Of course, that would require more than two ships which brings us to: the expansions!

There is a set of “elite ships” containing two more ships in one box, along with a deck of ship piece cards. This is a theme for all expansions. The Snap Ships came first with the game second. The entire game element is contained in the cards so on the outside chance you already have bought some Snap Ships you just need to buy the appropriate deck.


The other currently available expansion(s) is a set of two individually packed ships (you can buy separately) along with a deck of game cards for both boxes.

Along with the new ships there is a set of extra ship stands, a set of extra connectors (called the “Builder Pack,” and extra rulers for determining range. Those itching to get into the fight right away can visit the company store or wait until the retail release around September 1st.

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