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Andrea "Liga" Ligabue is a game expert contributing to many games related international projects including Gamers Alliance Report, WIN, ILSA Magazine and Boardgamenews. Member of the International Gamers Awards Committee is coordinator of Play - The Games Festival and founder of the project Ludoteca Ideale.

Father in the Messe 2017: Day 0

We are here again, a Father in the Messe, with two kids. Every year they grow better and I become older. As usual the trip from Modena is something special: car, plain, train and metro! We start to have problem … Continue reading

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Play – The Games Festival

Modena, once again, will be the Italian Gamers Capital. The 31st of March will start the ninth edition of Play – The Games Festival, the greatest games event in Italy with more than 80 exhibitors and more than 2000 tables … Continue reading

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Father in the Messe: day 2 – morning

I’m quite sure this post will get a lot of hits: Dale Yu, Potatos and a well known designer in the first page (he is Vlaada Chvatil of course!) is something gamers are not used to resist (something like video … Continue reading

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Father in thE Messe 2016: day 1

The first time you enter in the Messe is something you can’t forget. Something you know will change your life for ever like the first day of school, the first kiss or the first time you eat Tortellini (for people … Continue reading

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Father in the Messe 2016: Day 0

This is the usual travel day. Car from Modena to Bologna than an airplane from Bologna to Koln, a train from Koln to Essen and finally the metro to the Jung Hotel … I was wondering how to insert a … Continue reading

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Father in the Messe 2016: a Chain Reaction

Dear opinionated readers, here I’m, again, with my report from Essen. This year, for the first time, also Francesco, my 9 years old kid, will join me and Caterina in the Messe. What does that means ? We are now … Continue reading

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Potion Explosion is the Italian Game of the Year

On Sunday 17th September the jury of the Gioco dell’Anno (Game of the Year) chose Potions Explosions as game of the year 2016. The game was devised by Stefano Castelli, Andrea Crespi and Lorenzo Silva and published by Horrible Games. … Continue reading

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Italian Game of the Year (Gioco dell’Anno): nominations

After months of careful judgments, the Italian Game of the Year (Gioco dell’Anno) committee, officiated by Roberto Genovese with Beatrice Parisi, Fabrizio Paoli (coordinator), Luca Bonora, Riccardo Busetto, Massimiliano Calimera, Fabio Cambiaghi, Paolo Cupola and Caterina Ligabue, nominated this 5 … Continue reading

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Kepler-3042: a quick preview

I was lucky enough to have the possibility to play Kepler-3042 before the end of the kickstarter campagin and I want to share with you my first impression. It was a 4-player game. In the game you have to try … Continue reading

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The Art of Design: interviews to game designers #26 – Jason Matthews

It is a long time since my last interview. More than 2 years ago I got my last interview with Paolo Mori. It is also a long time I’m not writing reviews, most due to Play – The Games Festival, … Continue reading

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