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Best New (to me!) Games of 2013

Top ten lists are difficult – especially when I don’t get to play some of the “big new games” for 6 months to a year after they’re released… so a couple of years ago, I listed my Best New (to … Continue reading

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Games of the Years: 2003-2013

Last week Larry and Tom worked their way backwards through the past 20 years to pick the most notable board games of the past two decades in the Notable Notables series, and yesterday they began working their way forwards through … Continue reading

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Games of the Years: 1993-2002

Now that we’ve finished selecting the most notable games from the last 20 years, we’re going to pick our favorites.  In case you missed it, last week Larry and Tom seized control of the OG to run the Notable Notables … Continue reading

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Matt Carlson: Holiday Guide

Taking a moment for self-promotion, here is a pointer to my annual Unplugged Holiday Guide  at  Started back in 2003, the GamerDad holiday guides are celebrating their 10th anniversary and may possibly be one of the earliest holiday guides … Continue reading

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Meeples Choice Awards Nominations Voting Is Underway!

Here’s another update on the Meeples Choice Awards voting on the Spielfrieks Yahoo user group.  The first round of voting, in which we choose 25 nominated games, has just begun.  If you want to help with the selections, get over … Continue reading

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Meeples Choice Awards Process Beginning on Spielfrieks

Just wanted to let all the OG readers know that we’re beginning the Meeples Choice Award process on the Spielfrieks user group.  Every year, we select the three games that we think are the best from the previous calendar year and we’ll … Continue reading

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Larry Levy: 2012 Designer of the Year Award

Let’s say you’re a salesman.  Which would seem the fairer method of determining your annual salary increase:  the size of your single biggest sale or the total sales you generated over the course of the year?  I imagine everyone would … Continue reading

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Trajan and Agricola: All Creatures Win IGA; Targi takes a la carte

The results of the International Gamers Awards (IGA) have been announced and Stefan Feld’s Trajan (published by Ammonit Spiele) is the winner of the multi-player game award, while Uwe Rosenberg’s Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small (from publishers Lookout Games and Z-Man Games) takes the … Continue reading

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2011 Meeples Choice Awards Nominees

Every year, the Spielfrieks user group assigns the Meeples Choice Awards to their three favorite games of the previous calendar year.  It’s a two-step process, and the first step, selecting the nominated games, was just completed.  The following 29 games … Continue reading

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Tom Rosen: Best for any Crowd

“What’s your favorite game?”  This is the question that people invariably ask when you tell them that your hobby is board games, once it becomes apparent that you’re not talking about the standard fare with which they’re familiar.  More often … Continue reading

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