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Ben’s Gathering Day 1

After a longer-than-anticipated day of travel, I made it to Niagara Falls last night.  My good intentions of providing multiple daily updates quickly proved to be harder than anticipated, as I jumped from game to game quickly.  For less extensive … Continue reading

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Gathering of Friends Coverage

As some of you may know, the 2015 Gathering of Friends kicks off this week.  As usual, the OG will have plenty of coverage.   This will be my second year attending and I will be attempting to provide more … Continue reading

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Ben McJunkin: Review of Wildcatters

Wildcatters Designers: Rolf Sagel & André Spil Publisher: RASS / Vendetta Players: 3-4 | Ages: 12+ | Time: 120 mins. Wildcatters is a criminally under-the-radar title from a pair of first-time designers, Rolf Sagel and André Spil.  The game pits … Continue reading

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Ben McJunkin: Review of Archipelago

Archipelago Designer: Christopher Boelinger Publisher: Ludically Players: 1-5 | Ages: 12+ | Time: 30-180 mins This is the story of Archipelago: you begin with little, in an unknown land and with an uncertain future. Slowly your path takes shape. You … Continue reading

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