Essen Preview #29 – Mystery Games

Even with the in-depth research everyone is doing, there are always new nuggets.

From the official list found here:

Click to access NL2011_vs01xbz.pdf

The submissions on this list were made two months ago, so perhaps the games mentioned below do not really exist. Luckily, we know a few people who are there and can find out.

Apparently CBG (Stand 9-21) might have a second game there called Speedway Champion. That might be the second game mentioned in the Infarkt rules.

German RepRap Foundation (4-230) has a 3D game that costs around 700 Euro. called Reprapiprusa

Gigantoskop (4-400) has a game called Primate Fear for 15E

Stratelibri (6-308) has a ton of new things that might be rpg materials (Bookmaker, etc) and boardgames.

Haba games with a 6+ age range are Piratendukaten, Ganovenbande, and ABC-Zauberduell.

Historische Spiele Zander (5-96) has a chunk of unknown games. Might all be abstracts.

Holstein (4-130) has a game Teneriffe that looks like it might be relevant.

Home of Attention (4-107) has at least three very expensive games (over 100 Euro each)

Korea Pavilion has two games by a designer I like (Dong-Hoon Lee) – Dice Age and The Forest. Also there is Luderitz. The most advanced Korean games are 8+

Living Fantasy in Hall 6 (6-512) has a game called Wurfelkrieger for those of you who like to fight with dice.

Rebel (4-311) lists a game, Slavika, about which I know nothing.

Revision Games (5-410 – or maybe 4-410) has two games, Iron Sky and MANIA!. Iron Sky, if the same one, is a proto of a Finnish creation 120 min.

Sensalot (4-229) has a game called Lorrein along with an expansion – looks like a 30-45 min Euro.

Serfer (4-411) has a game Calciotto – I know nothing about it.

Stratak (6-105) has a suite of games – not sure if they are rpgs or boardgames.

Swan-Pandasia has two games that look more challenging – Zombie Town and Emissary Crisis.

TicToys (7-20) has a game Ticayo

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2 Responses to Essen Preview #29 – Mystery Games

  1. More information on Lorrein can be found here: The publisher also has it’s own website The main focus of Sensalot is sense (hear, smell, feel etc) games. Both website can be viewed more or less in English but google translate does the rest.

    Sensalot is a Dutch publisher from Zwolle (were I live) and Arthur attended several times our boardgame events in explaning his game.

    He also has a twitter account were he is posting updates! His twitter account:!/Sensalot. Mainly in Dutch unfortunally.

    On twitter he reported that he was informed that the games arrived yesterday.

  2. Nils says:

    The 700 EUR thing from German RepRap isn’t a game but a 3D printer to generate complex game pieces at home.

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