Dale Yu: Three hours in…

Quick check in here…

Most of the companies that were waiting for games have them now.

There are bunches of empty pallets and cartons littering the floor of the Messe in the prime opening hours.  But, nobody seemed to complain.



Only a few bits of news so far

  • Terra Evolution from Mindwarrior Games will be distributed by Alliance in the US before the end of the year
  • Poseidon’s Kingdom was sold out before the fair opened
  • Otherwise, everyone else was too busy trying to buy games to catch up from yesterday


Got a chance to run into Antoine Bauza… He actually was happy to just be enjoying the success of his  games this year and general lack of meetings


Trajan (from Ammonit Spiele) has also had a lot of positive buzz.  I was lucky enough to be at the stand when Herr Feld was there signing copies of his game


OK, time to head back into the Messe.  Just back at the hotel long enough to drop off the first load of games… Here’s what the frenzied first two hours provided – a bit more than usual due to the fact that there was not much pickup on Wednesday this year!


Hopefully another post tonight… but we’ll see – there’s lots of games to be played still!

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5 Responses to Dale Yu: Three hours in…

  1. FYI – Kingdom of Solomon should be available from Minion Games (7-100) today, with something like 100 copies.

  2. Tom Rosen says:

    Nice haul already! If this is a democracy, I vote for you to play MIL tonight and report back :)

  3. Jonathan says:

    I’m with Tom – MIL, please.

  4. Adam says:

    Nice Haul! Drop me an email if you ever need an extra player to get some of those to the table. ;-D

  5. Garry R says:

    I’d vote for Tournay:)…curious to see what its like after enjoying Troyes so much!

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