Second Round Voting for the Tournament of Champions!

OK, Here are the polls to vote for this week.

Look for results by next Monday, 3/26/12



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3 Responses to Second Round Voting for the Tournament of Champions!

  1. Tom Rosen says:

    It looks like the Elite Eight is when things are shaping up to get really competitive, we’ll see…

  2. Marcel says:

    Very unlucky pairings IMHO. It’s mostly good game vs. good game, or mediocre game vs. mediocre game…
    Or maybe that was the intention, to create more difficult choices. But I’d tather save the difficult choices for the final rounds.

  3. Dale Yu says:

    @Marcel — the method was to set up the first round pairs, and then I used some suggestions from the other OG writers to pick 8 “seeded games”. Those seeded games were separated from each other. The rest of the pairs were randomly seeded in the tournament bracket. I couldn’t come up with any other way to do it…


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