Dale Yu: First Round Results from Tournament of Champions

Well, the first half results have been calculated, and so far, it appears that the newer games have the upper hand.  As a few of the columnists have suggested, it could be simply that more of our readers have had more chances to play the more recent winners.

Below are the results of the first round thus far.  The closest matchup was Cafe International which narrowly squeaked out a win over Drunter and Druber.   The biggest blowout was Ticket to Ride over Railway Rivals.

I must admit that I was a bit surprised at how far apart the results were for Torres and Tikal, I expected that one to be amongst the closest of the first round contests – this obviously shows you what I know…

Matchup 1

Keltis – 58%
Rummikub – 31%
Focus – 11%

Matchup 2

Adel Verplichtet – 69%
Heimlich & Co – 31%

Matchup 3

Cafe International – 53%
Drunter & Druber – 47%

Matchup 4

Carcassonne – 69%
Alhambra – 31%

Matchup 5

Niagara – 62%
Villa Paletti – 38%

Matchup 6

Dixit – 75%
Barbarossa – 25%

Matchup 7

Elfenland – 90%
Enchanted Forest – 10%

Matchup 8

El Grande – 85%
Manhattan – 15%

Matchup 9

Tikal – 72%
Torres – 28%

Matchup 10

Scotland Yard – 74%
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective – 26%

Matchup 11

Dominion – 77%
Qwirkle – 23%

Matchup 12

Zooloretto – 65%
Hare and Tortoise – 35%

Matchup 13

Settlers of Catan – 76%
Liar’s Dice – 24%

Matchup 14

Mississippi Queen – 58%
Um Reifenbreite – 42%

Matchup 15

Thurn and Taxis – 81%
Auf Achse – 19%

Matchup 16

Ticket to Ride – 94%
Railway Rivals – 6%

Now it’s time to vote on the second round! (Coming as soon as I can set up the polls!)

About Dale Yu

Dale Yu is the Editor of the Opinionated Gamers. He can occasionally be found working as a volunteer administrator for BoardGameGeek, and he previously wrote for BoardGame News.
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4 Responses to Dale Yu: First Round Results from Tournament of Champions

  1. jeffinberlin says:

    My biggest surprise was Mississippi Queen beating out Um Reifenbreite. There goes my bracket…

  2. huzonfirst says:

    I’ve never even seen Um Reifenbreite and I bet most gamers haven’t either. So no surprise there. In fact, I thought all of these results were pretty predictable. The only mild surprise was Cafe International beating out Drunter & Druber, but that was one of the few matches that were pretty even.

  3. Eric Brosius says:

    I like Um Reifenbreite a lot, more than Mississippi Queen, but I understand why the vote went the other way. (We could always try to get you into a game, Larry.)

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