2011 Meeples Choice Awards Nominees

Every year, the Spielfrieks user group assigns the Meeples Choice Awards to their three favorite games of the previous calendar year.  It’s a two-step process, and the first step, selecting the nominated games, was just completed.  The following 29 games now proceed to the second stage of the voting:

A Few Acres of Snow
Airlines Europe
Core Worlds
Discworld: Ankh-Morpork
Dungeon Petz
Eminent Domain
King of Tokyo
Kingdom Builder
Last Will
Mage Knight
Ora et Labora
Power Grid: The First Sparks
Risk Legacy
Summoner Wars: Master Set
The Castles of Burgundy
The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game
Ticket to Ride: Team Asia & Legendary Asia

The voters will choose from this list and, one week from today, the three top vote-getters will be acclaimed as the winners of the Meeples Choice Awards!  We’ll pass that news on to you as soon as the voting is finished.

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9 Responses to 2011 Meeples Choice Awards Nominees

  1. Grant Rodiek says:

    Many great games chosen! I’m pretty pleased I’ve played most of them. Castles of Burgundy is my favorite of this list.

  2. Frank Hamrick says:

    I’ve played 12 of them. Of those, Eclipse and Kingdom Builder are my favorites. A Few Acres of Snow, Lancaster, and Ticket to Ride: Team Asia & Legendary Asia are all very close behind (probably depending on my mood for the day). Eclipse is great if I have a good 3-4 hours. A Few Acres os great if there are only two of us. However, for normal “game nights” KB and Lancaster are my games of choice as both can be played relatively fast. TtR: TA&L is (IMO) the best of the TtR franchise.

  3. huzonfirst says:

    All 10 of the games I picked in the first round of the voting made it, Frank, which is really cool. Ora, Snow, Burgundy, Trajan, Hawaii, Lancaster, Airlines Europe, Petz, Helvetia, and Friday. In addition, I also really like Village, Pantheon, Team Asia, and First Sparks. So I’m definitely happy with this group of nominees.

    I’ve played all but 5 of the games: Discworld, Mage Knight, Quarriors, Risk Legacy, and Summoner Wars. Of the other ones I’ve played, I’m pretty indifferent to Core Worlds and Eminent Domain (mostly because I’m lousy at deck-builders), as well as Belfort. But really, the only game of the group I didn’t like was King of Tokyo. So kudos to the Spielfrieks group, who did their usual great job of narrowing down the best games of last year. Now, we’ll have to wait to see which three games get the big prize!

  4. Adam D says:

    Really impressive list, although I’ve only played a handful. My favourites are Dungeon Petz, Trajan and Last Will. Must try to play a few more.

  5. Doug says:

    Played 20 of them and Mage Knight is the standout for me. We are six games into Risk Legacy, and that is astonishing. Rob Daviau is amazing. Neither will win :)

    • Adam D says:

      Yes, heard great things about Risk Legacy. About to be played in my gaming group, but I couldn’t commit due to staggered availability. Pity, as I need something amazing to cure me of the antagonism I feel towards Risk. Wonderful concept.

      • Doug says:

        I’ve really enjoyed Risk since “Revised/Onyx/Black Ops”, or whatever it’s called, came out. It’s still Risk, but with the objectives, it’s very playable and actually ends. There is a superb iOS version that’s almost a direct port of it, called (funnily enough) DOMINION.

  6. Duke Of Lizards says:

    I’ve tried 13 of those. Of those 13, it’s a toss-up between Trajan and Mage Knight. There are lots of great games there, of course, so I don’t envy the voters having to make a choice.

  7. Tom Rosen says:

    Picking two of my top 3 is easy – Summoner Wars and Risk Legacy for sure. But picking the game for that last spot is tough! I’m torn between Eclipse, King of Tokyo, Last Will, and Uluru. Really don’t know which game will get my third vote here…

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