Dale Yu: Pictures part 2 from Saturday

I was honestly too busy looking and gathering games earlier in the SPIEL to write anything – but I thought I’d try to at least catch up on some pictures..



One of my favorite stands to buy games from – the Galeria Kaufhof stand in hall 9.  Plenty of selection, and if you make it early in the day, plenty of space to move around.  Their prices might not be the lowest at the fair (maybe 1 to 2 EUR) more, but you can usually get everything you want in one place, so that makes it worth it for me



Closeup of a wall on an empty stand in Hall 5.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen this happen before, Mind the Move moved their stand during the setup hour from Hall 7 to Hall 5!


10:02 AM Saturday at the R&R booth – this is how they roll – Belgian beer all around.  Also pictured in his usual spot in the booth is Anthony Rubbo…



Here is the Spielers en Drinkers bottle up close.  Quite tasty – as I had to partake myself!



My one surprise of the year from Hall 6 – Kicket! a huge format soccer game kinda like Subbuteo, but not quite.  Strangely enough, not enough room in the suitcase to really consider this one…



VIsual proof that Tokaido has sold out.  We played it last night as a 2p game, and I must admit, it was really good, and the dummy pawn that is included to make the game work really adds to the game play.  I think this one will be a big hit back home.


Nico, the designer of City of Horror – with his mean sombrero on!


The line to rank games at the BGG booth – Geekbuzz was really picking up the numbers by mid-day Saturday.  A surprising game climbing the ranks was the Escape Illusions expansion which wasn’t even top 25 Friday night – it was close to top 10 by the time I had lunch on Saturday


The quest to fill the BGG.con library never ends… Kevin is going to need another round of back surgery after all the things he’s been carrying around today!




I’m not sure if these are “official” HiG products or not, but there is a stand selling these huge all-inclusive Carcassone and Dominion boxes!  The cases alone are 45 EUR.



A closeup of the Zoch booth – in honor of Banana Matcho, they are handing out free bananas all week!  It’s a great way to entice people to stop by, play a game and have a healthy snack


OK – back to the fair for one last round

Until your next appointment,

the Gaming Doctor

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  1. leefisher says:

    What did you mean by “Also pictured in his usual spot in the booth is Anthony Rubbo…”?
    I loved all the pictures, Dale.

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