Saturday Picture Post from Essen

ok, managed to break free again to upload some pictures!


A super cool idea – Pegasus has sponsored an interesting treasure hunt – you go around the Messe to marked stands and use your phone to scan the QR code.  Ted’s booth was one of the stops


Going back to Thurs morning- this is the line at 9:52AM at the Japon Brand booth.  The line is to be able to buy one of the 20 unreserved copies of Trains.  My brother, grey sweatshirt, is actually in the front of the line.  Alan How (left, with bag on shoulder) is trying to cut in line but was thwarted.


At the Fragor booth, not only did I pick up Spellbound, I also got a picture with the staff.  (The whole family is here this week as apparently it is fall break week in Scotland)


My hotel room, Thursday 10:15 AM.  Yup, 15 minutes after the fair opened, I’m at home with this stack.  Honestly, I thought I was going to dislocate my shoulder between Terra Mystica, Spelboung and Galaxy Trucker Anniv edition.  Those 3 games might be >15 lbs on their own!


Though it was super crowded, the ticketing system seemed to work this year – the lines were never exceedingly long.


Mr. Gupta wanted me to make sure that Valerie knew he had said hi.  “hi!”


The Fairplay list from the first day, 6pm.


OK, we’re on to Friday now.  Brian and I had to run into town to get a few things.  We happened by a McDonalds, and BRian wanted to see what the local delicacies were.  Apparently they make Wan Tans.  In the picture, it looks like there is ground up cheeseburger in it.


Sadly, it was just regular dumpling meat inside.  Still tasty, but not as awesome as we had hoped!


Back to the Fairplay stand, Friday around noon – they have a cool bookcase set up where you can see all the game boxes of the top 20 or so games on their list.  It’s a nice way to show the information.


Despite what you might have read, here’s the real “#1″and “#2” at BGG


Essen is always a great place for impromptu meetings. Here Martin Wallace and Gordon Lamont trade secrets and plan to take over the world.  Actually, I think Martin is trying to get a source for the Spelbound sized boxes for his game next year!


Quick, can you spot the Opinonated Gamer at the Queen stand?


Oh look, it’s Jonathan!  And, he can also be seen from miles away at the Wattlespoag booth given the shirt…


No trip to Essen for me would be complete without a stop at the gaming pottery store


I probably would have brought home a set of the nesting bowls this year if I could have fit them in my luggage. Of course, this year that is most definitely not a possibility!


A highly unusual sight – the Fragor booth on Satruday with stock still in the booth!


Good news, the auxiliary shipment of Terra Mystica arrived during the setup hour on Saturday. I’d guess that 200-300 copies showed up to be sold!


Sometimes you can find some serious bargains at the dealers.  Amazing what 3 EUR can buy sometimes!


In celebration of winning the Kennerspiel des Jahres, Village had a whole booth set up in Hall 5.  I could not figure out if this was just for play or if there was a tournament involved as well

OK. back to shopping. More pics later hopefully


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  1. bluefroggirl says:

    Hey Dale – great pictures. Do you know if the pottery stall has a website?

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    @bluefroggirl I think it is

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