Essen Preview – 2F surprise Item – Folders

Many of you have asked about the “surprise” thing that 2F was going to have this year… which I mentioned in an earlier preview piece.  More information has finally come to light – and I am thrilled to say that the “Folders” will be available this year!

So, what is a Folder?  Well, it’s not a game – though it is a very entertaining activity.  Each Folder is a little maze, contained on a single piece of paper.  The goal, like most mazes, is to get from the starting point to the goal.  You just put your finger down on the maze and trace the path to the finish.  The Folders are double sided with pathways all over each side.

Falter-cover 1-US

Doesn’t sound so great yet, huh?  Well, the awesome part about these Folders is that they… “fold”.  Each Folder has one or two designated places where you can fold the maze.  You can fold in either direction across the appointed line – and this will change the pathways!  Because, when you fold the maze at a crease… the pathways that used to be on the reverse side now are on the front!  

So, the maze is not always what it appears because it can constantly change based on how/when you fold the Folder up!



I had a chance to play around with some of the prototypes earlier this year – and I must admit that they kept me occupied for a lot of time!  I never did manage to solve the “difficult” one, though Friedemann promised me that it was solvable…

At the booth this year, there will be 8 different Folders on sale.  They will be sold separately as well as in a bundle of all 8.

The cost will be 2 EUR per Folder – it is unclear whether there will be a discount for the bundle of all 8 Folders.  After the show, these will be sold in shops as a single Folder in an envelope – so that you can send them off to your friends like a letter.



As you can see, there are different difficulties on offer, so depending on your own maze solving ability, you can find one (or two) that suit your skills!

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3 Responses to Essen Preview – 2F surprise Item – Folders

  1. Friedemann says:

    Thanks Dale for the nice overview..

    2 Euro ist the price in the shops later. The special offer for the Essen fair is: 1,50 Euro per Folder (the folder and envelope), all 8 folders 11,- Euros. (with 8 envelopes)

  2. Dale Yu says:

    Awesome! I’ll see you soon. I’ll need… oh about 5 complete sets! It’s going to be a 2F stocking stuffer special for me!

  3. Eric Brosius says:

    Folders are amazing. Absolutely worth it if you have any interest in puzzles whatsoever.

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