My first Love It of Essen 2013

My previous post got wiped out and I am not fully packed for Essen.

I leave in an hour.

I have played Florenza: the Card Game twice and really enjoyed it.  

If you like five-round 60-90 minute engine-building card games with great art and excellent balance, have a close look.

It has 330 cards, including money and resources, but the highlights are the artists and buildings of Renaissance Florence.

The main action is building buildings, but for some buildings, you need artists.  The artists you hire are all the ones you heard about in art history class.  Yes, you can hire Brunelleschi to complete the dome of the Duomo.

If you need radical new mechanisms to float your boat, don’t seek them here, but if you love a finely crafted Italian slipper that fits just right, have a look at Florenza: the Card Game.

I don’t have time to repaste the images, but look at them elsewhere, as they are super and bring the game alive.

Cheers. Jonathan

For those who did not like Florenza: the Board Game because other people got to use ‘your’ buildings, that is not a part of this game.

Thank you to Placentia Games for getting me the copy in advance. 

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2 Responses to My first Love It of Essen 2013

  1. I’ll posting for tomorrow a full Review here.

    I have played the game already 5 times and i’m finishing the review now …

    It’s really a nice game

  2. Jacob says:

    Sounds good to me. I’m in!

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