Matt Carlson: Holiday Guide

gd iconTaking a moment for self-promotion, here is a pointer to my annual Unplugged Holiday Guide  at  Started back in 2003, the GamerDad holiday guides are celebrating their 10th anniversary and may possibly be one of the earliest holiday guides on the net.  The guides tend to have fewer Eurogames listed than you’ll find on boardgaming sites since the GamerDad readers typically aren’t experienced boardgamers.  Feel free to click over and check it out, or not – I’m fine with that too!  (Now go wild in the comments below to tell me the many errors in judgement I’ve displayed in the list.)

About Matt J Carlson

Dad, Gamer, Science Teacher, Youth Pastor... oh and I have green hair. To see me "in action" check out Dr. Carlson's Science Theater up on Youtube...
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