Russian Railroads and Limes Win 2014 IGA’s

The results of the 2014 International Gamers Awards (IGA) have been announced.  The winner of the Multiplayer category is Russian Railroads, co-designed by Helmut Ohley and Leonhard Orgler.  This represents the second major win by the Hans im Glück design, which also won the DSP awards two weeks ago.  Other games which did well in the IGA voting were Concordia and Nations.

In the 2-player category, the winner is Limes, designed by Martyn F.  Limes, which is published by Abacus, is a redesign of Cities, which was self-published by the designer back in 2008.  Limes beat out the second edition of BattleLore to win the 2-player award.  Congratulations to the designers and the publishers of these two games.

The next award announcement should be for the À la Carte award, which is given by Fairplay Magazine for the best cardgame of the year.  We should be hearing the results of that award any day now.

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