Liga: Review Bim Bum Bam

BimBumBax.BoxFrontDesigner: Lorenzo Tucci Sorrentino
Publisher: Cranio Creations
Year Published: 2014 (Essen release)
Players: 1+
Age: 7+
Playing Time: 5 minutes

Who is going to start a game is one of the hardest problem gamers has to face before actually starting the game session. Some years ago Ted Alspach solved the problem relasing Start Player but probably that wasn’t enogh for a such big dilemma and now Cranio Creations published Bim Bum Bam trying to offer the final answer. (We all know that, the real final answer is 42!)

It is just the same mechanic: flip a card, read the text and determinate the starting player. Where Bim Bum Bam and Start Players differs is in cards’ requests and graphics.

All start players request are quite objective: things like “the tallest” or “The player who has the smallest feet” or “The player who has the most buttons” including also trivia cards like “The player who can name the most collectible card games” or “The player who can name the most Spiel des Jahres winners”

Bim Bum Bam has more fizzled requests like “Who is better at videogames” or “who is more expert with women” and that could be funny because, sometimes, it is not easy to decide! The two games differs also for the graphic: where Start Player was blinking at gamers community, Bim Bum Bam seems to wink to the wider nerds/geeks audience.

Bimbumbamcarte_ING.1 Bimbumbamcarte_ING.2 Bimbumbamcarte_ING.3
Bimbumbamcarte_ING.4 Bimbumbamcarte_ING.5 Bimbumbamcarte_ING.6

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