Italian Games of the Year announced

GiocoAnnoAnd the winner is …

Just a little break in the endless rush of Essen preview/review to announce the best Italian award …

Two years ago Italian publishers and Lucca Comics & Games staff had a meeting concerning the evolution of Lucca’s best of show. They shared the idea that Italian market needs something different; something closer to Spiele des Jahres that can have a real impact also on non-games-related media and on the market.

So they wrote the criterions and the first one was “the ability to be a gateway into the games world and push gaming as an important characteristic of the society”. They than built up a jury including jourmalist and reviewers as much as possibile inserted in non-games-related media. They also included my daughter Caterina, from father in the messe series, to have also young people represented.


Last year the award gone to Augustus. This year the 5 nominated were: La Boca, Carcassonne: South Seas seas, Eight-Minute Empire, Steam Park and The Little Prince: make me a planet. And the winner is ….

The Little Prince: make me a PLanet, published in Italy by Asterion.


I think it is a good game and I hope it could be help introducing some new players.

The Role-Playing-Game of the Year is Savage World a system I really like bith for its ability to introduce new players to role-playing and also the interesting campaign-settings and modules.

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  1. huzonfirst says:

    Very cool that Caterina is on the Jury, Liga. Like father, like daughter!

    Those are some nice nominees. I’ve played La Boca, Eight-Minute Empire, and The Little Prince and like them all.

  2. I think Caterina could really goes much more than better than me in the long run. When I was 13 I have played no more than 4-5 different boardgames. She already played not less than 500 I think …

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