Happy New Year from the Opinionated Gamers

Well, we’ve made it through another (calendar) year – and thanks to everyone who continues to read our little blog…  We’re not quite yet to our fourth birthday though – that will be 1/24/2015.

When I founded the blog in 2011, the goal was simply to provide a blog for some Opinionated Gamers to be able to write about the hobby which we love.  The mantra here has always been – no deadlines and no requirements.  Essentially, any of the OG writers can write what they want, when they want.  

The idea of the cooperative review was borrowed from the great German print magazine, Spielbox – and I think that it has served us well here.  We have done a much better job in 2014 coordinating our efforts so that our writers can collaborate together on reviews prior to posting.  We will certainly be continuing this format in the future.

We also wanted to have a place where content had a chance to be seen – and from the outset, we have tried to keep to a one-post-a-day rule – so that each written piece had a chance to be the headliner on the blog for at least a full day.  Anyways, with our lax and unenforced schedule, there generally isn’t a reason to try to cram the schedule full!

In 2014, we had 274 posts – which is pretty darn close to our founding goal of one per weekday…  This, of course, does not mean that we posted every weekday – as we have made some exceptions to the one-a-day rule around major conventions and other happenings – but I think it does reflect the fact that there is usually two to three posts of new content each week here!

For the year, here are the 20 most visited pages of the year – in case you want to read up on what you missed.  My preview of San Juan ended up getting a bunch of hits as I had unwittingly provided spoilers about the new card in this new version…


Dale Yu: Preview of the New 2014 release of San Juan (Ravensburger USA)
Games of the Years: 2003-2013
Game Review: Forbidden Desert
Review of 7 Wonders: Believe the Hype
Professional-looking Prototype Creation
Mage Knight Review
Game Preview: Hyperborea
Machi Koro
Feld Madness
How Acquire Became Acquire
Review of Wrath of Ashardalon – courtesy of the Superfly Circus
Two Rooms and a Boom review
Dale Yu: Review of Five Tribes (Days of Wonder)
Review: Lords of Waterdeep
Liga: Review of Imperial Settlers
Review of Kingdom Builder
Review: Elder Sign
Dale Yu – Essen Preview 2014 – Deus (Pearl Games)
Essen Preview #30: Terra Mystica Rules Preview and Interview with one of the Designers
Ben McJunkin: Review of Archipelago

What to come in 2015?  Honestly, more of the same.  We are still in the process of writing up the Essen 2014 releases – at this point, I have about 10 reviews mostly done, and they will be published in the coming weeks.  If you have any suggestions or requests, please leave them in the comments below.

Thanks again for reading our blog, and here’s to a great 2015!

Until your next appointment,

The Gaming Doctor



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Dale Yu is the Editor of the Opinionated Gamers. He can occasionally be found working as a volunteer administrator for BoardGameGeek, and he previously wrote for BoardGame News.
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