Finally in the ballroom.

Looks like we have access to the ballroom.  My stack for now. No unpacking because it’s raining outside. 


First thing, a bit of show and tell. Custom trays for Euphoria.  Pretty Damn cool. But, no playing of the game… It’s not new!

First up in the ballroom, Traexx


Next up, a speed family game, Rings up!
Feels like the amigo game from Last year – speed cups


Continuing on the new game train, Vienna from Schmidt. A dice rolling game. (well, it’s more than just rolling dice) . (expect a. More detailed description of lot of these new games later in the weekend)

Dinner was at the awesome Korean restaurant that never seems to be open. Kalbi and kimchee ftw!

Back to the hotel for more new games…

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  1. I don’t think the picture of the Game Trayz loaded. I was just going to point the designer of the Game Trayz – Noah “the DaVinci of inserts” Edelman. People can find his stuff at:

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