Friday afternoon.

Oops. That first post wasn’t supposed to be so short. Hit the wrong button. Oh well, who wants a rough draft anyways?

After flicking fun (there is a short video of game play on Instagram), we went for another round of Birth. This is becoming one of my favorite fillers.

Though I didn’t play it, maybe Dan Blum will talk about it later


All I can tell is that there are about 100 cards on the table. I am not sure if I can take a more detailed picture, so I’ll leave I with this distant picture for now.

Other interesting games that I haven’t played yet include a follow up to Last Will from CGE.


I’m fairly certain that I will be playing this later this weekend.

Lunch at one of the 45 local Indian restaurants within walking distance, and then back for more games.

First up for the afternoon is Marco Polo.

It’s a solid game, one that I’m definitely looking to play again. Multiple things to do on a turn and multiple ways to earn victory points. Each player drafts a special ability for the game at the start, so the game could force you to adopt different tactics each game depending on what special ability you’re able to draw. In our first game, it did not seem that any of the four in play were better than any other.

After that, time for an oldie (sic) – Roll for the Galaxy. I have played the prototype in the past, but I haven’t played the published version until today.

Well, back to Castaway Club. I got a chance to try it. It’s like Last Will in 3D. You have to lose all your money, political clout and influence.



The game ends when someone gets to zero thumbs or zero influence, and then your score is your score in your worst of the three categories

Ok time for dinner. We’re headed for Canada to see the Gatlinburg of the North.



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  1. Dan Blum says:

    That “it” that Dale helpfully doesn’t name is Food Chain Magnate, the Splotter game for this year’s Essen.

    The primary focus of the game is managing your corporate structure – you can hire people in different areas, train them, and fire them. You can’t do anything without having the proper person, so figuring out what you will need to do several turns in advance is important. Board play is of course also a factor.

    I don’t want to say too much about it as it’s still changing (the second time I played at least one change had already been made, for the better). I thought it was interesting and had a lot of potential.

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