Friday morning.

A somewhat restful night of sleep here at the Sheraton. Once I got to sleep, things were great.  However, there was some sort of nocturnal construction which made my original room far too noisy. So after a 1am room switch, things got much better.

The first thing I see walking in the room at 1045 is Martin B from Zman and a bunch of wooden bits. This new game is Flick ’em Up. A game currently planned for Gencon 16.


Pretzel games will be a new line from Zman which will only sell dexterity games



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2 Responses to Friday morning.

  1. brianfrahm says:

    Gencon 2016? Seems like a long lead time for it…

  2. No, Flick ’em Up! is due out at Gen Con 2015. Also, Pretzel Games is an imprint of F2Z Entertainment, which owns Z-Man Games.

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