Saturday morning

First up, a trip to Starbucks. Unlike my local Starbucks, this one still rewards you for bringing your own mug. 40 cents for a refill of Blonde Roast into my travel mug.

Here in new York, they must post calorie counts. Thus, the donut looks bad on three levels: appearance, cost and calories.

And I honestly don’t like the coffee as even the lightest roast is too charred for me. But, it’s what I’ve got here, so I’m making the best of it.

First game today, Cacao.


I was hoping to try Mombasa or Porta Nigra today, but there are no rules in the box and Peter Eggert is nowhere to be found yet.

Afterwards, another attempt at The Game. We had more fun and minimally more success. It’s still not my sort of game, but I feel more comfortable saying that I don’t want to play it again.

24 cards left in the Game this time around.

Then another whirl thru vienna. I’m really liking it. I could see Vienna or Cacao for Spiel des Jahres. They are the right length and weight.

We went to get poutine for lunch

Fries covered in gravy, sausage mushrooms and cheese curds. Yum. Possibly only 2500 calories in my lunch. Afterwards, a bit of sightseeing and some letterboxing with Dave and Christine. Lots of fun and a great chance to be outside in the 40 degree sunshine.

A few prototypes for the afternoon which I can’t really talk about. Well, they are possible games that I’m going to help develop for Bezier games. Possibilities at least.

Now it’s time for dinner with Alan so more later today.

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  1. The charred taste comes from either over extraction of the coffee or it’s because the coffee is too old. I live in Cincinnati, by the way, so if you ever want to hear more or come over for good coffee, let me know. I’ve been roasting my own beans for a few years now.

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