Nominees for 2015 IGA Awards Announced

The International Gamers Awards (IGA) recently announced the nominees for their 2015 awards.  This will be the 17th year for the awards.  There are two categories:  multiplayer games and two-player games.  Here are the nominees, together with the games designers and publishers:


AquaSphere – Stefan Feld  (H@ll Games)
The Voyages of Marco Polo – Simone Luciani/Daniele Tascini  (Hans im Gluck)
Deus – Sebastien Dujardin  (Pearl Games)
Elysium – Matthew Dunstan/Brett Gilbert  (Space Cowboys)
Five Tribes – Bruno Cathala  (Days of Wonder)
Hyperborea – Andrea Chiarvesio/Pierluca Zizzi  (Asterion Press)
Kraftwagen – Matthias Cramer  (ADC Blackfire Entertainment)
La Granja – Michael Keller/Andreas Odendahl  (Spielworxx)
Orleans – Reiner Stockhausen  (dlp Games)
Panamax – Gil d’Orey/Nuno Sentieiro/Paulo Soledade  (MESAboardgames)
Quartermaster General – Ian Brody  (Griggling Games)
Roll for the Galaxy – Wei-Hwa Huang/Tom Lehmann  (Rio Grande)


Baseball Highlights 2045 – Mike Fitzgerald  (Eagle-Grypon Games)
Fields of Arle – Uwe Rosenberg  (Feuerland Spiele)
Patchwork – Uwe Rosenberg  (Lookout Games)
Star Realms – Robert Dougherty/Darwin Kastle  (White Wizard Games)
Star Wars Armada – James Kniffen/Christian Petersen  (Fantasy Flight)
Wir sind das Volk – Richard Sivel/Peer Sylvester  (Histogame)

The winners will be announced sometime in late September.

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2 Responses to Nominees for 2015 IGA Awards Announced

  1. Dale Yu says:

    Not being a jury member for the IGA, I’ll make my predictions now…

    Deus and Baseball Highlights 2045 FTW

  2. rprasadusa says:

    Nice selection! I haven’t played them all, missing The Voyages of Marco Polo, Kraftwagen, and Quartermaster General / Star Wars Armada. My favorites are probably La Granja and Wir sind das Volk!. But I’d predict Roll — it takes an already great game and makes it actually approachable for most people — and Baseball — everyone seems to love it!

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