Father in the Messe 2015: Day 0

Dear Opinionatedgamers’s readers, me and Caterina are back in Essen. Someone probably again tried to prevent us reaching the Messe but we succeed! Last year was a second world war bomb and a strike and this year a fire that put the trains connecting Koln and Essen out of action. We need the help of a well payed Taxi driver but we reached the Jung Hotel and we are ready to play games!

Caterina and Liga

We haven’t study any rules (not really true, indeed) and we have no plan. We will play whatever cross our path and we will be excited by good games and depressed by bad ones.

Looking back our report and the top lists I discovered that

Caterina 2014
Splendor, Imperialism: road to domination. Dark Tales
Liga 2014
Hyperborea, Imperial Settlers, Dark Tales
Caterina 2013
Russian Raylroads, Le Fantome de l’opera, Sultanya
Liga 2013
Russian Raylroads, Coal Barons, Mini-Crockinole
Caterina 2012
Courtier, Homesteaders, Fairy Land
Liga 2012
Courtier, Sheepland, Fairy Land

So, here my conclusions:

– Caterina is growing and becoming a nice young lady and I’m becoming a fat old father. That means that I can’t take and publish pictures of her anymore without her approval and, probably, you will have to bear my presence in much more pictures than in the last years
– When it happens to play good gamers games we are able to recognize the quality and rate it good
– Sometimes we get thrilled by average games that seems to shine in Essen but than disappear. We are emotionals!
– We have different tastes and probably that is the reason why She is a member of the Italian’s Game of the Year committee and I’m not (something I’m slowly overcoming with pain).
– Our report is far to be a comprehensive guide to Essen hits (there are a lot of bloggers and reviewers better than us in making that) but probably an unusual report that show you how much can you enjoy Essen Messe with your kids
– Caterina doesn’t like Sci-Fi games … and that, for a father, is something really bad I have to endure!

Good play and see you tomorrow in the Messe
Liga & Caterina (she is already sleeping, preparing at the best for tomorrow!)

About Andrea "Liga" Ligabue

Andrea "Liga" Ligabue is a game expert contributing to many games related international projects including Gamers Alliance Report, WIN, ILSA Magazine and Boardgamenews. Member of the International Gamers Awards Committee is coordinator of Play - The Games Festival and founder of the project Ludoteca Ideale.
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6 Responses to Father in the Messe 2015: Day 0

  1. Larry Rice says:

    Looking forward to reading more! Always enjoy the reports by the two of you! :-)

  2. Hei fat old father, why that starbucks cup in the picture? Non si fa…. ;-)
    Ok, dont joke. It should be fantastic to visit a place like essen with your son/your father. I really envy you.

  3. It Looks like only people with names starting with L can comment this post … It is a scientific rule until someone have something agsinst! We are happy L-people enjoy our reports. In the next days we will try to post something interesting also for M-people or D-people … We hope!

  4. frankhamrick says:

    Looking forward to Katarina’s favorites! :) They do seem to fit more closely to mine, at least the last couple of years….and, I’m not a Sci-Fi person either.

  5. Fraser says:

    Caterina has in the past picked some very good games, even if she doesn’t like Science Fiction games. Luckily for me, Daughter the Elder is quite a fan of Science Fiction and Science Fiction games. She regularly crushes me at Roll for the Galaxy!

    I am looking forward to your picks and posts.

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