Thursday. Fair is open!

Time for the show to start.  A second night of falling asleep trying to play a game…

We managed to test a few games last night including star wars Carcassonne, eight epics and play jeju.

It’s a bit cramped and unsteady on the bed –  our hotel doesn’t have a great table to play on in the room, but we’re managing. 


Darth Vader and his unstickered meeples (for time reasons, I will wait to sticker them until I get home) .

Interesting version with a rule change or two that changes how you will approach the game. 

Woke up to a miserable rainy morning. After a damp walk to the bakery,things started to look up

Yummy breakfast, which turned out to be pretty close to all I could eat. For 22 eur less than the hotel breakfast.


(chocolate croissant goodness for 0,98 euro)

Ran into an old friend along the way

A little bit of extra time in the morning getting games, and then off to the first meeting. 

Along the way, I was stopped by one of the Italian game of the year jury members. 


You’ll have to check Liga’s post for the pictures of the two aging, balding, fat dads. 

But anyways, back to Kosmos. Steam Time and Tumult Royal look great. Both will be done in the US, and the timetable that the German branch is expecting should have them in the States before the end of the year.

Steam Time is a steam punk themed worker placement game by Rudiger Dorn. Those three facts pretty much sold me on the game!

Tumult Royal is a game by the Teubers. You are trying to build statues on the game board. To do this, you have to try to collect tiles with the added pressure of having to beat a sand timer. You need to get enough to build, but not too much because there has to be enough stuff left in the pool at the end of a round or else there is a Tumult – where the player who collected the most of the wanted good has to give stuff back.

Finally, Rumms is a redo of the Gamewright title of Cube Quest. I actually don’t know if this is being done in the US – my guess would be no since I believe cube quest is still in print. L

Then on to Huch for a quick run thru of Gum Gum Machine which looks like an awesome puzzle game.


Tornado ellie looks like a fun card building, board moving game.

Now that my bag is full. Time to head back to the hotel. We’ll see how much time is left to post for the rest of the day.

Until your next appointment
The gaming doctor


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  1. Larry Rice says:

    does gum gum machine seriously have a spinner? or is it just a graphic/pointer?

  2. jeffinberlin says:

    I think it’s time for some innovation in spinner games.

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